NHS treatments

At Burnside Dental Care we deliver high quality and affordable dentistry to our loyal patient base.  We have a large NHS patient base and currently have a waiting list for new NHS registrations.   Please contact us below if you wish to be added to the waiting list.

nhs treatments

Burnside Dental Care is pleased to deliver an extensive range of NHS dental services. In Scotland, an NHS dental check-up is provided at no cost. During this visit, your dentist will inform you when any dental treatments are required. Your dentist will explain the options that are available to you. They will describe the positive and potential negative aspects of each option, and the associated cost. 

Some treatment options are not available on the NHS or may have time restrictions for when these can be offered; Your dentist will discuss these situations with you so you know all the options and alternatives if necessary.

For further information about NHS dentistry please go to www.scottishdental.org for further information.

do you need to pay?

Some patients may not be required to pay NHS dental fees due to a variety of circumstances. For a list of qualifying criteria, please go to www.scottishdental.org/public/treatment-charges/

Please note that permission may need to be granted from the health board in order for some treatments to go ahead.

NHS treatment is designed to secure oral health. As such cosmetic treatments like white fillings, cosmetic veneers, and teeth whitening are not covered by the NHS.

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