NHS Treatments

Burnside Dental Care is pleased to deliver an extensive range of NHS dental services.

NHS Fees and Charges

In Scotland, an NHS dental check-up is provided at no cost. During this visit, your dentist will inform you when any dental treatments are required. Your dentist will explain the options that are available to you. They’ll describe the positive and potential negative aspects of each option, and the associated cost.

All of the fees for NHS dental treatments are set by the Scottish Executive. The prices are identical in every NHS dental practice throughout Scotland. The maximum charge is £384 per course of treatment.

Do You Need to Pay?

Some patients may not be required to pay NHS dental fees due to a variety of circumstances. For a list of qualifying criteria, visit the NHS Practitioner Services website. Note that permission may need to be granted from the health board in order for some treatments to go ahead.

Treatments Not Covered by the NHS

The NHS does not cover treatments such as tooth-coloured fillings in premolars and molars. The same is true of certain dental regions where crowns and veneers may be placed. Whitening techniques are only offered on a private basis.

Burnside Dental Care is currently accepting registrations for new NHS patients (waiting list at present). Get in touch today for more information about registering with our dental practice.

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