crowns & bridges

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crowns & bridges


Crowns are used to cover broken, discoloured or damaged teeth and restore them to their natural shape and colour.  They are matched to the shape and colour of your other teeth to restore your smile to its full glory.  Your dentist will shape the tooth to which the crown is being fitted, take a mould of it so that the crown can be made and, at a second appointment, fix the crown to the shaped tooth.  The result should last many years so long as you ensure you clean it properly, especially where the edge of the crown meets your original tooth. Generally a crown will last 5-10 years, however it can last much longer. 

Bridges fill gaps left by one or more missing teeth.  They are permanently attached to the teeth either side of the gap so that the replacement tooth or teeth is supported. It can take up to six months for your gums to heal after an extraction, so you may need to use a temporary denture before the final bridge is fitted.  Once it’s in place you’ll need to clean underneath it every day to avoid gum disease.

There are several types of bridge available depending on circumstances and the aesthetic demand of a case. Your dentist can discuss suitability and options of these at your dental visit. 

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