adult orthodontics

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adult orthodontics

Ever wish you had straightened your teeth when you were younger? Have you noticed that your teeth have become more crooked over time? Don’t worry, here at Burnside Dental Care, in the south side of Ruthergle, we are pleased to add adult orthodontics to our broad range of treatment options. These treatments are carried out by our Dentists who have undergone further training and can offer ways to straighten and correct crooked or misaligned teeth. Using revolutionary systems, we look to correct your cosmetic concerns in as little as three months, although treatment times vary depending on your individual needs.

Achieving Exceptional Results

At Burnside Dental Care, we understand the importance of being flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs. To do this, we have two different systems for our patients to choose from. Although they work in different ways, they are both designed to achieve brilliant results. The two systems are:


This system involves the patient wearing clear, fixed brackets designed specifically for adult orthodontics.

SmileTru Invisible Aligners 

This system requires the patient to wear a series of removable aligners to gently move their teeth into a desirable position.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

When the patient needs are more complex or not purely aesthetically driven, it may be beneficial to undergo comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Dr M. Church has underwent further training in order to provide NHS and Private comprehensive orthodontic treatments. Please get in touch for a free orthodontic consultation if interested to find out more.

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