Burnside Dental Care in Rutherglen aims to provide dentures of the highest quality. We’re equipped to supply NHS or private denture treatments. Dentures are an affordable way of replacing missing teeth. When you get in touch, we’ll discuss the kind of denture that may be best for your needs.


Our skilled dentists perform a variety of filling treatments. NHS and private treatment options are available. The dental filling options available via our private service tend to appear more natural than those offered via NHS treatment. However, we will discuss your needs more thoroughly when you visit us.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns may be required when your natural tooth has broken down. They are placed in a way that prevents further damage from occurring, and improves the appearance of the affected tooth. In addition to crowns and dentures, our practice also offers dental bridges. These effective treatments improve the performance of chewing and will restore the appearance of your teeth.


Veneers are a thin covering placed on top of your teeth in order to restore their natural appearance. Veneers also help to correct any minor issues with misalignment and discolouration. They are primarily used for cosmetic purposes.

NHS Treatment Options

Burnside Dental Care provides information to help you check whether a treatment is available via our NHS treatments. Visit our NHS treatments page to learn more.

  Contact our dental practice in the Burnside, Rutherglen, for more details about the treatments we provide.